Business Intelligence Consultancy

Business Intelligence Consultancy takes advantage of Cloud Analytics’ Business Analysis capability in offering the following either as a fixed price or on a time and materials basis as per the SFIA rate card;

  • Understand their Business Intelligence needs
  • Identify quick wins that ensure ROI is maximised at every point of the implementation of the Business Intelligence Solution
  • Value Chain Analysis that could be derived from a Business Intelligence solution
  • Defining key performance indicators that would demonstrate value has been realised through business intelligence
  • Defining a set of enterprise metrics both for monitoring the state of the organisation and as a lever to change the behaviour of the organisation
  • Defining initiatives to drive healthy competitive behaviour within the organisation
  • Building a strategic vision for use of Business Intelligence in the organisation
  • Completing a vendor selection exercise to choose the right tools to meet the Business Intelligence needs of the organisation
  • Completing a Readiness Assessment of the organisation’s infrastructure and people to determine ease of adoption and implementation of analytics solutions
  • Understanding internal and external data sources that can contribute to Business Intelligence driven insight including recommendations towards the incorporation of new data sets to increase value
  • Creating a business case for the execution of part or all of the roadmap