Cloud Migration

Cloud Analytics help organisations move systems and applications to the cloud. We help architect the target environment, design the migration project and carry out the migration until completed. We also manage the various stakeholders involved in the project.


  • Architecture for cloud, physical and hybrid environments
  • Migration strategy
  • Application and system analysis
  • Migration project planning
  • Delivery of migration
  • Quality assurance
  • Application replacement
  • Operational readiness and service introduction


  • Agile architecture for secure, cost-effective solution
  • Migration methods, including trial migrations, assurance and fallback
  • Analysis of application for migrate, replace or retire
  • Step-by-step plan for migration involving all stakeholders
  • Execution of migration
  • End-to-end QA plan and execution
  • When needed, develop replacement applications instead of migrate
  • Make sure service organisation can support migrated applications