Data Warehousing

Take advantage of enterprise and logical data warehouse architectures and the analytical and machine intelligence software becoming readily available.

We build enterprise data warehouses for many of our customers to provide a single view on all their information and the key performance indicators that they rely upon making business decisions.

The challenges surrounding more unstructured data sources from the Internet has led to customers needing more extended logical data warehouse architectures to support the data analytics software that is now emerging. Not only does this help facilitate a centralised data repository but as a result of the new architecture new ideas can be tested, new data sources assimilated or new analysis can e delivered.

All this leads to a greater emphasis towards discovery and analysis and less towards just harmonising data – the end results being increased speed of delivery and deployment that our customers need.

Whether you are looking to reduce the time to delivery and/or a lower total cost of ownership we can help you separate fact from myth when deciding how much you need to move across the Cloud and how much needs to stay on premise by providing you with a comprehensive review of your estate and analysis of future needs.